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Ball Mill Liners Accessories

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ball mill liners accessories, ball mill rubber liner - mine ball mill liners are used to protect the cylinder, so that cylinder from the direct impact and friction grinding media and materials, but also can be used to adjust the different forms of liner grinding The motion, to enhance the crushing effect of grinding materials, help to improve mill grinding efficiency, increase productivity and reduce metal consumption. Most are manufactured ball mill liners metallic material, but also manufacture a small amount of non-metallic materials Jaw Crusher Machine In Zimbabwe. In addition to the protection of the cylinder barrel ball mill liners, but also on the movement of grinding media impact, to adapt to a variety of working conditions (crushed or finely ground) requirements, ball mill liner shape and ball mill liner material is different. When to crush the main requirement of grinding ball mill liner referral ability, and ball mill liner should have a good impact resistance. High manganese steel 2GMn13 have sufficient impact toughness, and dealt a blow when its surface is capable of work hardening, it becomes hard wear. Therefore, in order to crush most of the main mill cylinder liner made of high manganese steel manufacturing. When in finely ground-based, lining projection is relatively small, the role of elected grinding on the weak, the impact is small, but the grinding effect is stronger. Requirements liner has good wear resistance. Domestic mainly used to fine grinding mill cylinder liner material is generally wear tin, chilled cast iron, ductile iron manganese and other rare earths. In recent years, rubber liner wider application. The general shape of the rubber liner made of rubber layering peace lining composed of two parts. According to the mill's operation (crushed or finely ground) different rubber lining of layering also be made in different shapes correspond to change in the mill grinding movement of the cylinder body (impact or grinding). Advantages and...


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