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Analysing Ebenezer Scrooge from Henderson’s ‘The Muppets Christmas Carol ‘
Ebenezer Scrooge is the main character of Charles Dickens' 1843 novel a Christmas Carol. He is a selfish and miserly old man who works as a moneylender in London. Scrooge has no appreciation for fun and kindness, seeing it as a waste, and is hated by everyone else due to his nature. He has a particular hatred of Christmas (and the holiday season, in general), being the time of kindness and giving that it is. To him, "peace on Earth" and "Good will to all men" is like a knife to his heart (until his reformation at the end of the film).
In The film The Muppets Christmas Carol Scrooge is a dark and sinful character in many ways. Its not until the end of the film when Scrooge stops all of this ‘bah humbug’ nonsense and gets into the spirit of Christmas cheer. In the film Scrooge is very cold hearted to everyone, when he walks into his office he make little contact anyone there Scrooge just sits down and does what ever it takes to make money. In his office it is a cold place with few lights making it dark in his office. This shows Scrooges cold and unfriendly personality.
When Scrooge walks two his office the atmosphere and mood of people gets practically get stamped on, everyone stops and steps aside to get out the way of scrooge in fear of him. In the film Scrooge dresses in rich clothing and acts like he has no time for Christmas and he thinks it’s a waste of time but his nephew begs to differ.
When scrooge gets to work one of his employees say “excuse me sir, please may we take tomorrow off” scrooge looked up in confusion and says “why what for” this shows that scrooge thinks that Christmas is a waste of time for everyone.
He was so incredibly miserly, that he would live miserably just to save himself money. He believed that all poor people should go work in the poor houses and had no charity or compassion in his heart. He was mean and grumpy. He could've had a wife and children, but let...


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