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Acct 301 Final Exam-2015

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ACCT 301 Final Exam-2015

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Student Name: ________________________________________

If you find it helpful, you may create an Excel file to show your work for numerical problems. You must show your work including calculations to receive full credit.

Additionally, your work must be presented in a logical, easy to follow manner for full credit. Partial credit will be given for incorrect answers if you show your work.

The point breakout of the questions is as follows:

Question 1 6 Question 10 6
Question 2 6 Question 11 25
Question 3 6 Question 12 10
Question 4 6 Question 13 15
Question 5 6 Question 14 1214114 10
Question 6 6 Question 15 15
Question 7 6 Question 16 10
Question 8 6 Question 17 10
Question 9 6 Question 18 20
Total 175

Part 1: Multiple Choice
Questions 1 – 10 are each worth 6 points. Please place your answer in the chart below.

Question # Answer Question # Answer
1 6
2 7
3 8
4 9
5 10

Question 1
Of the following manufacturing operations, which is best suited to the utilization of a job order system?
a. Helicopter manufacturing.
b. Soft drink bottling operation.
c. Crude oil refining.
d. Plastic molding operation.

Question 2
Costs that do not change when the activity base fluctuates are known as:
a. Variable costs
b. Discretionary costs
c. Fixed costs
d. Mixed costs

Question 3
The basic difference between a static budget and a flexible budget is that:
a. A flexible budget considers only variable costs, but a static budget considers all costs.
b. Flexible budgets allow management latitude in meeting goals, whereas a static budget is based on a fixed standard.
c. A static budget is for an entire production facility, but a...


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