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Devry Reli 448 Final Exam-Latest Done 2015 Spring

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Devry RELI 448 Final Exam-Latest Done 2015 Spring
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Question 1. 1.(TCO 1) Belief in many gods is called: (Points : 4)

Question 2. 2.(TCO 1) Theology literally means: (Points : 4)
  the love of wisdom.
  the study of man.
  the study of God.
  the study of the soul.

Question 3. 3.(TCO 2) Who was the German theologian who argued in The Idea of the Holy that religions emerge when people experience that aspect of reality which is essentially mysterious? (Points : 4)
  William James
  Carl Gustav Jung
  Rudolf Otto
  E.B. Tylor

Question 4. 4.(TCO 4) Who was the Scottish anthropologist and author of The Golden Bough who saw the origins of religion in early attempts by human beings to influence nature and who identified religion as an intermediate stage between magic and science? (Points : 4)
  James Frazer
  Rudolf Otto
  William James
  Wilhelm Schmidt

Question 5. 5.(TCO 4) What is the name of the Austrian ethnographer and philologist who argued that all humankind once believed in a single High God and that to this simple monotheism later beliefs in lesser gods and spirits were added? (Points : 4)
  James Frazer
  William James
  Wilhelm Schmidt
  Carl Gustav Jung

Question 6. 6.(TCO 8) One feature that probably contributed to the rich developments in Hinduism was which of the following? (Points : 4)
  the constant invasions of India by foreigners
  the frequent floods and fires across India
  India's isolation from other areas
  India's extensive natural resources

Question 7. 7.(TCO 8) The term meaning non-harm or nonviolence is: (Points : 4)

Question 8....


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