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Autobiography of a Tree

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Lesson -14

Autobiography of a Tree
1. What are the benefits of trees?
2. Have you ever planted one?
3. How do you feel in a mango grove?

I am a tree of a small village. Proud and firm I stand on sandy
ground. I like all the village folk for the care and concern they show me. I
readily and happily offer shelter to their goats and sheep. Their children
play under my care and protection. I owe them my life.
It was long ago, when I was young and slim. I cared only for my
desire to grow up. One day, I saw a gang of the king's axemen sharpening
their axes to cut me down. I became highly anxious. I trembled with fear.
Suddenly, a loud voice echoed through the village. “Do not cut our trees.
They are the breath of our life.”
It was Mamta, my neighbour. I never knew that she loved me so
much. She hugged my trunk so tightly that three axemen were not able to

tear her away from me.
“Chop me first,” she cried. “Take my life but leave my trees alone.”
I was moved by her affection but had no means to express my
feelings. I could only shed a few of my leaves on her to show my
The axemen were surprised at her protest, but they were trained to
obey orders. They tore her away from me and threw her on the ground.
Mamta got up quickly and hugged me again. She cried and wept badly.
Suddenly, hundreds of villagers, old and young, rushed towards me
and other trees. Each one hugged one of us. The king’s axemen were
unable to touch any tree. They beat and arrested several men and women.
It terrified me. At least seven villagers hugged my trunk to save me
from the axes. I shed hundreds of my leaves on them.

The king heard of the intense public protest. He rushed to the spot.
He stood under me when the villagers begged for mercy on trees. The
king ordered that this village would never be called upon to provide
timber to his men nor would any hunting be permitted here.
Today even after two centuries, the greenery of this village is
intact. The village is an oasis in the...


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