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Bsop 429 Week 8 Final Exam 2 Sets - Devry

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BSOP 429 Week 8 Final Exam 2 Sets - DeVry

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BSOP 429 Week 8 Final Exam Set 1
Page 1
1. (TCO 4) The priority rule, which will sequence jobs in the order they are received, is _____. (Points : 5)

2. (TCO 2) In an assignment method problem, if it takes Abe 3 hours to build a birdhouse and 4 hours for a doghouse, and Betty takes 4 hours for a birdhouse and 3 hours for a doghouse, what is the reduced cost (in hours) of assigning Betty to build the doghouse? (Points : 5)

3. (TCO 2) A major difference between manufacturing and service systems in terms of scheduling is (Points : 5)

4. (TCO 3) Scheduling in service systems may involve scheduling which of the following?
(Points : 5)

5. (TCO 5) The owner and operator of the local franchise of Handyman, Inc., has four jobs to do today, shown in the order they were received:

Job Processing Time (hrs) Due (hrs from now)

If he uses the earliest due date first (EDD) priority rule to schedule these jobs, what will be the average job tardiness? (Points : 5)

6. (TCO 6) Building up an inventory of standard parts or modules instead of immediately producing the finished end items is the essence of (Points : 5)

7. (TCO 7) With regard to suppliers, JIT systems typically require (Points : 5)

8. (TCO 10) Which of the following is characteristic of the JIT philosophy? (Points : 5)

9. (TCO 1) In make-to-stock systems, fluctuations in sales volume are managed through which of the following? (Points : 5)

10. (TCO 5) In an MRP master schedule, the planning horizon is often separated into a series of times periods called (Points : 5)...


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