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Single Gender Schooling

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Girls only. Keep out!
Whether in Congress, on social media, or at the dinner table education is a common topic of discussion. The main cause for concern is how to improve student performance and well being. A potential solution is gender separated classes, the United States Public School System could integrate the use of single gender classrooms. Students have been proven to focus more in a classroom with only members of the same gender, giving more time and effort for academics. Pertaining to a student's well-being and getting a full education, a single gender environment cuts down on stereotypes that could hold students back from exploring their interests, such as girls pursuing math and science, or boys pursuing art and literature. Biologically speaking, males and females have different methods of learning. Educators can customize lesson plans for a specific gender without the trouble of adjusting the lesson to suit the other. Lastly, the separation of genders can improve personal development, especially in elementary and middle school students. Without pressure from students of the opposite sex, questions are freely asked and pursued, making a learning environment that is favorable. All things considered, making gender separated classes an option in public schools would be beneficial for students.
Academic achievement will improve when education is at the forefront of a learner’s mind. Eliminating distractions such as members of the opposite sex is a simple solution with a tremendous profit. Kathleen further explains that when students are “Freed from the worries of impressing the opposite sex, boys and girls can focus on their books.” Kathleen also states in regards to behavior in co-educational environments there is a definite increase in disciplinary action taken. With a decrease in discipline there is room for further learning and growth within each student. This is true in the same way that reducing the amount of time a male turkey struts to attract a...


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