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Osmosis in Potatos

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“The Effect of NaCl, Glucose and Sucrose Solutions of Various
Concentration on Osmosis of Irish Potato”
Research question
How do the different kinds of solution of various concentration effect osmosis of Irish potato.
This investigation will use three kinds of solutions of 6 different concentrations. So the results
collect from the experiment is objective.
The deeper the concentration is, the less the mass of potato will be, so more water will osmosis
through the cell membrane to the outside.
Water is a hydrogen bond (the electrostatic attraction between polar molecules that occurs when a
hydrogen atom bound highly electronegative atom such as nitrogen, oxygen or fluorine
experiences attraction to some other nearby high electronegative atom), the hydrogen atom bound
oxygen atoms.
Osmosis is a special type of diffusion which occurs when water molecules pass through a
semipermeable membrane from an area of high water potential to an area of low water potential
down a concentration gradient. Here are some factors that will affect the rate of diffusion/osmosis.
Steepness of the concentration gradient, temperature, surface area, molecule size (the bigger the
molecules are, the slower the rate is) and if the molecule is polar or non-polar (non-polar molecules
diffuse at a faster rate across the plasma membrane as they dissolve in the phospholipid layer).
Osmosis is vital to biological systems. Generally, semipermeable membrane are impermeable to
large and polar molecules (for example, ions), but are permeable to non-polar (for example,
oxygen) and hydrophobic (like wax and lipid) molecules. Water osmosis from phospholipid bilayer,
like plasma membrane (cell wall) and tonoplast membrane (vacuole).
Water osmosis in plants through symplastic pathway and aplastic pathway. Apoplast is the water
pass between the cells wall and cells wall. Symplast is the water pass between cells cytoplasm
and cells cytoplasm. Water can’t pass through...


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