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New Ldr 531 Week 6 Quiz

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1 The validity of a strategy for organizational change lies in its
speed of implementation
clarity of vision

2   Hard power tactics best influence those with which following characteristic?
Action oriented
High self-esteem
Reflective orientation
Intrinsically motivated

3 Surveys of seasoned managers reveal they believe politics in the workplace is
a major part of organizational life
part of some job requirements
always unethical

4 During organizational change, employee–management interfaces such as workshops and retreats
distract the participants from the real issues
help employees overcome downsizing issues
solve communication problems relatively short-term periods of high-energy action
5 With downward influence, power tactics preferred by U.S. managers include
inspirational appeals
personal appeals

6 Periods of convergence are those in which an organization
is in turmoil
must downsize to conserve resources
seeks to improve its situation with relatively minor changes
employs new strategies to advance the organization

7 Transformational change in an organization
has no defined formula
is best delivered by a bottom-up plan
is always necessary to some degree
is best delivered by a top-down plan

8 Political behavior in the workplace
works only in an upward or lateral influence direction
attempts to influence decision making
is unlikely in a well-run organization
works only in a lateral influence direction

9 Organizational change relies on a balance of change and

10 Buck passing and scapegoating when politics is seen as a threat are forms of
defensive behaviors
offensive behaviors


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