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Motor Power of the Concrete Pump

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A concrete conveying pump motor power is to determine the export pressure and the delivery side of the premise, in the motor power of a certain situation, the pressure will be increased to reduce the pressure of the conveyor, instead, reduce the export pressure, will increase the throughput. In order to ensure that the concrete transport pump must have a large transport capacity, and can have a certain outlet pressure and the economic power of the match, in the design of concrete transport pump, the constant power piston pump is used, that is, when the output pressure increases, the output displacement of the pump will be automatically reduced, and the corresponding power design value; if it is not only to achieve high export pressure, but also want to get a large amount of. The only way is to increase the power of the motor. Therefore, in the new national standard, the reference concrete transport pump capacity index concept (m3/h MPa as the unit); that concrete transport pump actual export pressure and the actual throughput per hour of the product, the greater the value, the greater the capacity index mini batching plant, the greater the power of the motor, thus achieving a large displacement, high head. Many manufacturers in the design, also uses the high and low voltage switch function design, in order to meet the different construction requirements, in the economic situation, but also can produce a large amount of transmission, or with the same motor power, produce higher export pressure. Still in HBTS60-13-90 as an example, when it is in the maximum throughput of 63m/3h, the export pressure is 7.7MPa, can achieve the rapid pumping of low pressure large displacement, when the switch into the delivery of 37m3/h, the maximum outlet pressure to reach 13MPa China planetary concrete mixer, can achieve high pressure small displacement high lift Mini concrete mixer, long distance transmission.


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