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Ecet 340 Week 5 Ilab 5

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This week's lab covers two areas, conversion of digital HCS12 signals to an analog format, and the use of a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) to transfer data, and commands between the HCS12, and the DAC peripheral. Deliverables For this lab, the deliverables include the cover sheet, filled-in sections of the lab report, photographs (online), or instructor sign-offs (onsite), and answers to the questions. The cover sheet must be completed in typed format.

STEP 1: Download the Lab Download Lab 5 located in DocSharing and save it to your PC.

STEP 2: Predict the Results of Waveform Generation Program Study the 340_lab5_1 program and predict the performance, and outputs of the code. Answer the questions in Part A, Step 2.

STEP 3: Run the Waveform Generation   Program   Use the 340_lab5_1 program to load the Dragon12 board and verify   the operation. Photograph your circuit with an oscilloscope attached (online), or obtain your instructor's sign-off (onsite).

STEP 4: Design Project Modify the software to produce, either a square wave, or sawtooth wave based on user input. Photograph your circuit with an oscilloscope attached to show both waveforms (online), or obtain your instructor's sign-off (onsite).

STEP 5: Answer the Questions There are two questions that must be answered in this lab.

STEP 6: Complete the Cover Sheet, Type the required information onto the cover sheet.

STEP 7: Submit Your Deliverables   See Syllabus/Due Dates for Assignments & Exams for due date

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