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There are many similarities and differences throughout Spiderman the movie and the comic book. As for the timing, we were in two very different time periods, which has a big impact on how the stories were made. In the movie Spiderman, you notice that the clothing style, and the technology was updated   and different compared to the comic book. But, the base of the story is clearly in each version of Spiderman.

In the comic book, you'll notice that the characters are more covered up and appropriate with their clothing choices. In the 60's it was more typical to wear long skirts, long sleeve shirts, pants, and jackets. If the characters from 1960's Spiderman were brought to 2001 to play in the movie, they would be shocked at the clothing style. In the movie, all the girls are wearing short skirts and low shirts. Their clothing choice is more revealing and not really appropriate. But, for teenagers these days it's something normal to wear and they're used to smaller and shorter clothes. The thing that isn't helping is that celebrities are dressing in barely any clothes and it's not helping the youth with the way they dress themselves.

Sure, there's a lot of differences but, there's also a lot of similarities such as the characters. The main character, Peter Parker was a normal teenager, but was known as a geek because of his love for science. In both the movie and the comic book he was dressed in nerdy clothes with round glasses. Another major character was Doctor Octopus, he was a scientist working on a project that eventually turned him evil and then was recognized as Doctor Octopus. His robotic arms were very different in the comic book, in the movie the arms are mechanical and in the comic they are used manually. As for his outfit he wore a lab coat in each Spiderman. Adding on to the differences, in the comic book Mary-Jane and Doctor Octopus' wife were not a part of the story.

There is a famous quote that holds a huge part in Spiderman the movie and the...


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