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Chinese to English Translation

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  四大文明古国:中国位于亚洲东部,是世界上人口最多的国家。中国是世界四大 文明古国之一,拥有大量的中华文化光辉的古迹,此外,中国地大物博,拥有茂密的森林、雄伟壮丽的瀑布、秀丽的湖泊以及如利剑直插云霄的山峰,所有这些都令世界各国人民神往。但是,更重要的是,中国以拥有五千多年的历史而自豪,遗留下无数的历史文物,其中包括珍贵珠宝、古迹名胜、宫殿及数不尽的雄伟建筑,令人惊叹不已。这种种原因都促使中国成为许多人梦寐以求的旅游胜地。

  China lies in the east of Asia and it has the largest population in the world. China is also one of the four countries in the world that have an ancient civilization, Besides, it has a vast territory with such abundant natural resources as dense forests, magnificent waterfalls, majestic and beautiful rivers and lakes, and mountains whose peaks reach high into the sky like swords. All these make China a singularly attractive place to tourists around the world. But, most importantly, China boasts a history of over five thousand years with innumerable historical relics left over from the long past, such as priceless pearls and jewels, historic sites and scenic spots, palaces and edifices of architectural richness, all of which have won people’s admiration. You are sure to find great enjoyment from all these attractions in China, a much-admired dream land.


  In a sense, Chinese is a very old language, and its earliest characters date back nearly four thousand years ago. During their long history of development, Chinese characters have evolved into many different script forms, such as the Seal script, Clerical script, Regular script and Running script. Chinese calligraphers usually render their Chinese characters in ways that exaggerate the form to yield artistic beauty, such as those in stone inscriptions seen in tourist resorts. Chinese calligraphy is a subject of artistic study. As your interest in Chinese character system increases in the days to come, we will introduce in due time the different schools of Chinese calligraphy, and how to appreciate the artistic...


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