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What is euthanasia?
Euthanasia – the act of ending someone’s life due to their pain and suffering.
Do you agree that the media should be allowed to criticise what religions say about matters of life and death?
I agree with this because everyone has the the right to say what they want therefore the media should be able to say what they think about religions and community cohesion
Another reason is that the media should educate the public about the topic as many people neeed to know about matters of life and death
Explain why some non – religious people believe in Life after Death.
Some non-religious people may believe in life after death because many people have had near death experiences, many near death experiences show them walking to a bright light, which could be heaven therefore they would believe there must be something after death.
Another reason is that there are many ways to communicate to the spirit world e.g., Ouija board, people use Ouija boards to communicate with the spirit world and the spirits communicate back, this shows that there must be life after death
Another Reason is that there are mediums which believe can communicate with the dead, this can make people think that there is an afterlife because the dead are communicating back.
A final reason is that people believe in reincarnation, reincarnation is the belief that once your body is dead your soul isn’t and it should move on to a different body. This would make people believe that there is something after life and death.
The law on abortion should be changed
Do you agree?
Include one religion:
I believe that the law should be changed because many see abortion as a form as contraception and when they have found out that they were pregnant they would go to abort their baby
Another reason is that abortion is the removal of a foetus however that is basically killing a human life and killing is wrong in Islam.
Another reason is that there are alternatives to abortion such as...


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