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Computer Science

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GCSE Computer Science
Programming Project

Design of the Solution 2
The Problem 2
Problem Overview 2
Pseudocode 2
Solution Development 3
Annotated Code Listing 3
Programming Techniques Used 4
Different Programming techniques 4
Different Parts of the System Working Together 4
Coding Efficiency 4
Data Structures 4
Robustness 4
Testing and Evaluation 5
Test Plan 5
Testing Evidence 5
Evaluation 5

Design of the Solution

The Problem
AQA Code Puzzle is a logic puzzle. We have been given 10 words however they are not in Letters but instead are in Symbols. As each symbol represents a letter, by changing the symbol on one line will consecutively change the same symbol on every other line increasing the challenge. As there are lots of different letters, there must be different parts of the program to control the letters if they have been said already, are wanting to be deleted and things as such. Our task is to code a program of which you can play around with different codes and letter combinations until you have decrypted the 10 words. Upon doing so you will be congratulated. We are given the encrypted words, the 3 clues of which the user gets upon start up, and also the decrypted words. Each pairing appears on a separate line. While the majority of coding the program can be done with previously learnt techniques such as while loop, there will also be a large amount of new skills such as try catch loops. I will need an opening basis whereby I can ask the user what it is they wish to do. Create a pair, delete a pair etc. I will use simple if statements for this because they are easy but effective. I will also have an option for ending the program in the event of the user wishing to stop or upon completion.

Structure Chart

Repeating until Encryption is completed
Repeating until Encryption is completed
Load the Frequency Subroutine
Load the Frequency Subroutine
Load the Words.txt file into the program
Load the...


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