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Seed Cleaning Machine Has the Problem of Lacking Agricultural Technology

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Seed cleaning machine Has the Problem of Lacking Agricultural Technology

Seed cleaning machine has large change no matter in technology or design. But it still has problems which limit its further promotion, such as lacking agricultural technology.

On the one hand the country needs to promote the new grain varieties for more stringent program management, on the other hand the development and promotion of a longer cycle of new varieties of grain , so the short-term national food -yielding varieties will continue to mature varieties currently used mainly possibilities, development and promotion of new varieties made revolutionary progress is unlikely.

In 2007, the township agricultural extension agencies pointed that, 70% has no fixed office space; over 50% do not have dedicated phone also has a dedicated telephone only 1 / 3 can send and receive faxes ; nearly 70% without a computer , equipped with a computer there was only half able to connect to the Internet, there is a printer ; over 85% did not have transportation ; fewer cameras, projectors, DVD machines.

The working conditions of agricultural extension system is quite basic, which issues staffing and office expenses of the most prominent. Low pay staff agricultural extension system , poor working conditions seriously affected the enthusiasm of their work , many agronomists said , sometimes the emotions will inevitably be swayed working conditions , thus giving farmers farming technology is completely dry conscience live, especially in SEED CLEANING MACHINE.

The implementation of urban low-income groups in food consumption subsidies, guarantees their basic living conditions. Select point on rising food prices , the government or you can wait for the CPI to stabilize and gradually relax control food prices nationwide.

Improving and strengthening the agricultural extension system is the key technology to increase production. Establish a sound system , skilled agricultural extension services team...


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