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Class VIII Holiday Homework

Geography: Practice diagrams & map work: Learn definitions and Ques/Ans. Learn
definitions from Survey notes.
English: i. Complete informal letters.
ii. Revise Grammar structure done in the previous class.
iii. Do any two comprehension (unseen passage) in the practice register.
Sanskrit: “क ॊ

र्तव्य क ॊ ना र्तव्यम ्“

ा अनुवाद रना है |

Learn the (roop) रूऩ -(धार्ु और शब्द)
Do Translation in Sanskrit:

राम ववद्याऱय जार्ा है|


ऱर्ा और रमा नाचर्ी है|


मार्ा वऩर्ा ी आज्ञा ा ऩाऱन रो|


गरु ो प्रणाम रो|


बनारस उत्र्र प्रदे श में है|


हम सब नाचर्े है|


र्म दोनों गण गार्े हो|


मोहन घर जाएगा|


मेरा घर ऱखनऊ में है|


वववे , ववमशत और वव ास ममत्र थे|

G.K.: Learn pages from 9 to 43.

Chemistry: 1. Revise Chapter-1 Hydrogen thoroughly.
2. practice and write 20 formula writing questions from any book (With and without
brackets) in your personal register.
3. Practice 20 Chemical Equations and their balancing in your personal register.
4. Collect coloured picture of crystalline and non-crystalline allotropes of carbon and place
them in a folder.

Eng. Lit.: i. learn the test syllabus.
ii. Making sentences on 40 new words.
iii. Read ‘The Luncheon’ and learn about the author and poets.
Eng. Lang.: i. Revise the test syllabus.
ii. Write the letters and essays on topics given in the class.
Maths:1. Cube & Cube Root(in full chapter).
2. Ratio & Proportion
Ex. 8-A 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 full, Ex. 8-B full exercise, Ex. 8-C full exercise.
3.Percentage (Ex. 9-A).
4. Profit, Loss & Discount (Ex. 10-A 1 to 10 & Ex. 10-B 1 to 10).
5. Fundamental concepts and Operations: (Ex.14-A, 14-B, 14-C).
6. Algebraic Identities (Some Special Identities).
Ex. 15-A, Ex.15-B 1 to 5, Ex.15-C 1 to 10.
7. Factorization (Ex.16-A, 16-B, 16-C).
8. Formulas (Ex.18-A).
9. Exponents (Ex. 19, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
10. Linear Equations (Ex.20-A 1 to 10)
11. Geometry (Ex.26-A, 26-B)
12. Triangle (Ex.27-A)
Geography: Learn definitions...


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