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3.1 The consequences of ongoing armed conflict in DRC

For many decades, The Democratic Republic of Congo has suffered sequential non-stop armed conflicts. These ongoing waves of violence have caused many multifaceted humanitarian crises throughout the country. This justification will focus on three major consequences of the long-running armed conflicts in DRC which should be solved by financial aid and funding assistance from The United Nations. These resulting problems are vast numbers of displaced families and refugees, the lack of protection for civilian population and the inadequate availability of water.

Hundreds of thousands of Congolese people have been forced to displace their homeland as a result of the continuous conflicts and the general insecurity in DRC. Congolese displaced people are suffering abuse and extremism of some armed groups including sexual harassment, rape, murder and abduction. This lead to the spread of poverty around the place of displaced people .Therefore it is a result of low education levels of the people living there .According to ECHO factsheet, over 2.6 million people out of 77 million citizens are displaced within the DRC (2014) .Moreover, more than 445000 Congolese are refugees in other countries (ECHO 2014) . As can be seen in figure 2, fatigue appears on the faces of some displaced Congolese people because the poverty condition they suffer.

Figure 2: some displaced families in DRC http://www.unocha.org

During the immense instability and the continuation of the conflicts in DRC over the latest decades, the armed extremist groups and militias which centred in the eastern provinces have committed many extremely humanitarian violations against the vulnerable civilian populations. These human rights infringements caused a lack of protection for civilians which has become the overarching crisis around all conflict-affected places in DRC, forcing huge numbers of people to flee in order to survive. In addition, it...


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