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Health Assessment

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Objective 1: Review normal anatomy of the male and female genitalia.
Female Genetalia
External Genetalia:
    • include structures that can be readily identified through inspection
    • sometimes referred to as the vulva or pudendum - extends from mons pubis to anal opening
    • mons pubis = fat pad located over symphysis pubis
    o normal adult mons pubis is covered with pubic hair in a triangular pattern
    o functions to absorb force and to protect symphysis pubis during coitus
    • labia majora = two folds of skin that extend posteriorly and inferiorly from mons pubis to perineum
    o skin folds are composed of adipose tissue, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands
    o outer surface of labia majora covered with pubic hair; inner surface is pink, smooth, and moist
    • labia minora = thinner skin folds inside labia majora
    o join anteriorly at clitoris and forma prepuce or hood
    o posteriorly the two folds join to form the frenulum
    o hairless and usually darker pink than labia majora
    o contain numerous sebaceous glands that promote lubrication and maintain moist environment
    • clitoris = small, cylindrical mass of erectile tissue and nerves
    o three parts – 1) glans (visible rounded portion of clitoris), 2) corpus (body of clitoris), 3) crura (two bands of fibrous tissue that attach clitoris to pelvic bone)
    o similar to male penis and contains many blood vessels that become engorged during sexual arousal
    • vestibule = boat shaped area or fossa formed by skin folds of labia majora and labia minora; contains several openings:
    o urethral meatus - located between clitoris and vaginal orifice
    o Skene’s glands - located on either side of urethral opening
    ▪ usually not visible
    ▪ often referred to as the lesser vestibular glands
    ▪ secrete mucus that lubricates and maintains moist vaginal environment
    o vaginal orifice - external opening of vagina
    ▪ has either slitlike or irregular...


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