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Write an article for a newspaper in which you persuade readers about festivals from a specific point of view: Against

You may think a festival is a place where there is an abundance of joy, where a diverse range of cultures collide together; an occasion of enjoyment and celebration. Unfortunately for you, the shocking truth is that festivals are not at all what they seem. Drugs, Hygiene and Serious crime are the real features of festivals; they are covered up so that you will not know about them.
Is Festivals All They Seem? Festivals target their evil traps on those blinded by dreams that never existed, these so called festival organizers have changed what music is. They are using it as a Commercial drug’ Just to fill their greedy pockets with your hard earned money whilst they watch you suffer in inhumane environments. This commercial drug will never end well for those who overtake it without knowing it true effect. A popular example of this was Michael Jackson who was subjected to this lethal drug and as a result took what he believed would sustain him for 60 gigs! Sadly his life ended without any gigs complete, he is just one of many singers and acts out there who take these performance enhancing substances and he was the unlucky one to die from it. The Organizers do not care about those who die, just how much money they would have gotten which died with the singer and so how much care do you think they would show for you?
Following on from that, festivals also have some of the highest rates of drug use and an example of this was in 2011 where about £44,869 worth of class A drugs was uncovered alone this is an even bigger find than the isle of Wight festival which £27,410 worth of drugs was discovered by police cracking down on drug related abuse. This is a really dark side of festivals that can never be removed in this current generation and generations to come.  
The big question is do you come for the music? Many years ago, festivals were a form of...


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