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911- in View of Person Inside

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11th Sept 2001: Just like other days, 11th September 2001, was quite cold. I woke up at 7:00 AM; opened the window. The sun was already up, crows were fighting, birds were chirping, grandparents were ready to leave for a morning walk.
I was getting late for my work. I decided to take a bath, eat my breakfast, and leave as soon as possible. At 8:00 AM I left for World Trade Center.
Everything worked quite well. I dressed up on time, and left for World Trade Center. The streets were already up with traffic, buzzed up with the sound of horns, workmen leaving home, bus stops crammed with people. That was the real America. Everyone was busy in their daily routine.
I reached World Trade Center t 8:15. Punched my card, and resumed my previous work.
Within a passage of time, everything changed. Everyone started rushing back to their home. I was deeply bewildered after seeing this. I ask one of the workers, what’s wrong? Why is everyone screaming and running here and there.
One replied,’ World Trade Centre is down’; in a horrifying, and terrific manner. Totally surprised with this, I thought how everything changed within a few minutes.
In a fast and furious manner everyone was running here and there. Within a matter of seconds, everything went so fast. Workers leave their workplace finding a place to rescue themselves from the misery.
Some jumped out of the office window, some hid in the rooms, like innocent lambs to be cut down into small pieces.
Mobile phone started ringing, with a voice of loved ones asking with great warmth of feelings; if I was alright. I replied yes, I am alright, in a terrifying and frightful manner. A voice telling there is something wrong with the place.
A few seconds later bomb like sound heard, with the people begging for their lives. Within a matter of seconds the place turned as a grave.
Totally unaware of all this, I decided to hide myself in one of the room like a person playing hide and seek with someone.
I was on the...


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