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Bsop 334 Complete Class

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BSOP 334 Complete Class
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BSOP 334 Week 1 DQs
What is the role of master production scheduling in manufacturing planning and control? What other areas interface with it?
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What is aggregate planning? Why might it be important to the master production scheduler?
BSOP 334 Week 1 CheckPoint
BSOP 334 Week 1 Lab Overview of Operations Planning & Control and Aggregate Planning
BSOP 334 Week 2 DQs
Is inventory an asset or a liability? How do we determine if it is an asset or a liability? Might the determination be different for different people in the same organization? Please discuss, providing specific examples.
Why is reorder timing so important to a business? Is it more important than when we decide to refill our cars with gas, or the refrigerator with food? Why?
BSOP 334 Week 2 CheckPoint
BSOP 334 Week 2 Homework
Chapter 13: Discussion & Review Questions: 3, 6, 10, 11, & 14 (p. 601)
BSOP 334 Week 2 Lab Determining Order Quantity for Lowest Total Cost
BSOP 334 Week 3 DQs
Discuss the inputs required for the MRP process and the role played by the bill of materials.
How is the bill of materials structured, and why is low-level coding used?
BSOP 334 Week 3 CheckPoint
BSOP 334 Week 3 Homework
Discussion and Review Questions: 1, 2, 3a, 3b, & 3c (p. 542), Case: Promotional Novelties (p. 549)
BSOP 334 Week 3 Lab Bill of Materials
BSOP 334 Week 4 CheckPoint
BSOP 334 Week 4 DQs
How does MRP fit in the overall master planning system? Where does it fit with the other parts of the system?
How does MRP reflect the changing conditions of the shop floor? Why is it important that these transactions be processed properly?
BSOP 334 Week 4 Homework
Chapter 12:
Discussion and Review Questions 8: Briefly discuss the requirements...


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