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E105 Tma03

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Statement of Ethical Consideration
For this assignment I have only used information provided by my setting which can be found on my Employer/Confirmer Permission Agreement Form.   Within the assignment I have ensured I have adhered to the E105 ethical guidance in the following ways:
  * Before commencing my studies I sent out a letter informing parents and guardians about my studies and what it will entail. I also gave the parents the opportunity to ask any questions they may have regarding my studies and how it may affect them and their child.
  * Observation is a crucial part of my professional and academic life. I have ensured all children and parents are happy and clear at why I am completing these observations and what I intend to do with the results.
  * Within all my assignments it is paramount that every effort is made to change the names of all children, parents, staff and the setting, this is to ensure confidentiality is being followed ensuring I am following section   3.70 of the statutory framework for the Early years (DFE 2014a p29) which states, Providers must ensure that all staff understand the need to protect the privacy of the children in their care as well the legal requirements that exist to ensure that information relating to the child is handled in a way that ensures confidentiality.

Task One: Essay on Parental involvement

This essay will contain a discussion of my understanding of the Pen Green Loop, a demonstration on how my practice compares and contrasts to the Pen Green Loop.   Information sharing and documenting child learning and development will be discussed with my role in these processes.   Finally the importance and relevance to the Pen Green Loop within my setting will be discussed including constraints I have faced.

Whalley and Dennison (2007) cited in Paige-Smith et al, 2010, p58) describes the Pen Green Loop as a framework for planning for children’s development involving important adults in the child’s life, it’s...


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