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Csu Bba 4951 Complete Course-Latest 2015 December

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CSU BBA 4951 Complete Course-Latest 2015 December
(All Discussions All Assesments And All Unit Assignments)

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Question       unit 1

Part 2.Think of a company that you believe has a good business strategy. Briefly explain what you think the strategy of the company is, and why you believe it is successful.
unit 2
Select one of the “Big 3” automobile companies in the US, or another large US manufacturing firm that interests you. Identify one or more Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for that firm. Read and comment upon the choices of others in the class.

unit 3

Chrysler chose merger as a strategy in 1998 when it merged with Daimler, a German automobile manufacturer. This merger was not successful. Why, in your view, did this merger fail?
unit 4

Provide an example of a well-worded objective, and a poorly worded objective. Why is one better than the other? Explain your rationale. For a second comment, revise either your poorly worded objective or the poorly worded objective posted by someone else. Explain why your revision is now a properly worded objective
unit 5

What role, if any, does the Internet play in market segmentation strategy? Provide at least one specific example and briefly discuss.

week 6

How often should an organization’s vision/mission be changed in light of strategy evaluation activities? Explain you rationale.
unit 7

If you owned a small business with at least 10 employees, would you develop a code of business conduct? If yes, what elements would you include? If no, how would you ensure that your employees were following ethical business standards?

unit 8

Part I: What is your opinion of this course? Did it meet your expectations? What...


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