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Kalpan Gb 570 Entire Course

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Kalpan GB 570 Entire Course
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Question   Unit 1 assignment
The Value Chain in Your Life
Write a (minimum two but no more than three pages) paper (not including title and reference pages) describing the value chain in your life. There is an already APA formattedtemplate in Doc Sharingfor you to use as your starting point for this assignment.
If you use references in your paper to support your content, be sure to apply the APA in-text reference citation format. Any item listed on the References page must also be applied and cited within the paper. If you use verbatim quotes, put them within quotation marks, cite the reference and include a page number.
This assignment is an opportunity for you to relate what you learned about the value chain in Unit 1 to your own life. For example, one element of a value chain is the focus on competitive advantage, so you might wish to elaborate on this aspect.
Submit your completed paper into the Unit 1 Dropbox.

Unit 2 assignment
Target Corporation’s Supply Chain
The purpose of this assignment is to confirm understanding of a supply chain and its relationship to the demand chain by analyzing Target Corporation’s supply chain and assessing if it meets demand chain expectations.
• Use the APA formatted Microsoft Word document template in Doc Sharing as the starting point.
• Write a 5-6 pages paper (exclusive of the Title and References pages) describing Target Corporation’s Supply Chain based upon the information in Chapters 6 and 7 of the Walters and Rainbird (2007 textbook (especially Figure 6.2 on page 155) and from additional resources from the Unit 2 reading materials.
• Include an assessment of the efficiency of Target’s supply chain and...


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