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Economic Growth Seems to Be More Important Than Environment Concerns.

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Economic growth seems to be more important than environment concerns.

When it comes to the issue that whether economic growth or environment concerns is more important, people’s opinions differs from person to person. It is difficult to choose, since they are both indispensable part for citizen’s life. As for me, the latter is more important.
To begin with, we can live with a little money, but we cannot live without environment. The earth is our unique hometown. Even now scientists are trying to find other planets for us to live in; we must live on earth, at least, for centuries. At the same time, the resources on earth are limited, such as oil, coal, gas and so on. What if we abused these resources, how can we and our generations to live? How can we buy these resources with money?
Secondly, people are crazy about economic growth for the reasons to optimize our quality of life. We must realize that environment is one of the determine factors. Living in an ecology friendly condition, people tend to have a happy mood and satisfied feeling. Also, deteriorating environment do harm to people’s health. In some big cities, citizens suffering from the polluted air, which impel citizens to wear masks when travelling outside, in order to shield themselves from the hazardous gases.
In fact, environment protection does not against economy prosperous. On the one hand, friendly environment will attract company and employee to live in. All these will contribute to the economy of city. On the other hand, treatment after pollute has a huge cost which obviously not worthy. To pick Beijing as an example: Beijing has boomed for several decades, but today is regularly hit by haze. A vast number of residents have been diagnosed with respiratory diseases which are detrimental to their health. Hence, the municipal government of Beijing should invest big sum money in coping with the air pollution.
To sum up, economic development should not be at the expense of its environment. We have no...


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