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Eng125 (Literature in Society) All Assignments Entire Class

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ENG125 (Literature in Society) All Assignments Entire Class
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Week 1 Assignments
Individual Assignment: Literature “Show and Tell”
    • Choose a work of literature that has attracted you in some way. This work of literature may be a short story, novel, poem, play, or even a magazine that you frequent. The literature may be fiction or non-fiction. It should be something that you can bring to class and share, either in Workshop 1 or 2.
    • Find the document in the Course Materials Forum titled “Literature Show and Tell Prompt.” Complete it, save, and post to the Assignments section as an attachment.
    • This written component should be submitted no later than 11:59pm MST on Day 1, Thursday, January 6, 2011. You should choose to share the literature in class either in Workshop 1 or 2 (informally).
Individual Assignment: Report of Chosen Book for Final Book Report
Choose one of the books listed on Appendix A that you will read over the next five weeks and on which you will complete a book report. For this assignment, report the name of the book you have chosen, and in 3-5 sentences, explain why this book caught your eye. Post as a MS Word attachment in the Assignments section.
Week 2 Assignments
Individual Assignment: Analyzing a Poem/Song
    • Choose a poem that has attracted you to it. The poem may be from the readings in the textbook, or it may be from another source. You may choose song lyrics that you perceive as being poetical in nature.
    • Closely analyze the poem or song lyrics. Compose a MS Word document that answers the following:
~What is the name of the poem/song?
~What is your interpretation of the poet’s/songwriter’s thoughts and feelings? How did he/she use imagery, symbolism, and other literary devices to create meaning in the work? Give specific examples from the passage. (7-10 sentences)
    • How does this poem/song influence society, or how does society...


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