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Hcs 433 (Dimensions of Health and the Older Adult)All Assignments and Dqs-Complete Course

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HCS 433 (Dimensions of Health and the Older Adult)All Assignments and DQs-complete Course  

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Week 1  Perspective of Aging Paper
There are many stereotypes about the elderly, and we see older adults portrayed on television, in movies, and in advertisements. We read about older adults in books, hear about them in jokes, and see how they are depicted in birthday cards. Much of what we know, or think we may know, comes from these sources, and they may not be entirely accurate.
Research three different types of media, either electronic or print, that depict an older adult. You may look at television, movies, greeting cards, or newspapers, as a few examples.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word APA-formatted paper on your findings. Look for stereotypes in the media and how the older adult is being portrayed. Be prepared to discuss this in class. If possible, bring the media to class with you.
Week2 Health Promotion Project Outline
Decide, as a Learning Team, on a chronic health issue that affects the aging population. Begin to think about a health promotion program that would positively affect an older person with this specific health problem. As a team, you must present your idea to the class in Week Five.
Obtain approval from your instructor for the chronic health issue.
Prepare a detailed outline that identifies a chronic health issue affecting the aging population, as well as the health promotion program your team will design to address that issue. In addition, prepare a reference list with at least three sources of information.
Include the following elements in your outline:
·  Possible health promotion idea
·  Demographics of clientele
·  Overview of a chronic health issue, including prevalence and effect on client
Refer to the Health Promotion Project Outline on the student website for more information.
Submit the Health Promotion Project Outline.
Week 3 Functionality...


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