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Why Do We Fly

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Why do we fly?

What are the top reasons why you and I fly to reach a certain destination instead of driving? Well, the top and the most obvious reason is the speed. Flying gets you to your destination faster than any other means of transportation. How long did it take my family to move from San Jose,

California, to Minnesota? It took us 4 nights and 3 days. In contrast, flying would have only taken us 3-1/2 hours, the most.
When someone has a lot of time on their hand, like other people, like the retirees do - then driving, or taking the train can be chosen. But, if time if of the essence, the flying is the only way to get there.
Airlines provide you with several reasons to travel by air. They also give you hundreds of travel destinations to choose from. Here, we are giving you the top ten reasons why people fly by air. Whether you are looking for a romantic get-away or an action-filled vacation place, or just want to be with family and relatives, air travel can take you there - faster!
Again, why do air travelers choose air travel to go to those destinations? The reasons again are: speed and comfort. Nothing beats traveling by air. Add to that is the safety record of air travel. Air travel so far has been the safest means of travel for everyone. You always hear this: that there are more people killed on the freeways everyday, than people killed on airplane flight a year.

flight time from New Zealand to South Africa is:
15 hours


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