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Hrm319 (Human Resource Information Systems)Complete Class

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HRM319 (Human Resource Information Systems)Complete Class

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Week 1:
Individual The Transitioning Role of HRM
Write a 700 – to 1,050-word paper to describe how HRIS has progressed from the
personnel administration field to a business-driven human capital management
organizational unit. Make sure you include the following points:
What are the factors that changed the primary role of HRM from that of functional
operation to that of strategic partner?
How does technology affect the HRM field?
How does HRIS influence organizational culture and change?
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
DQ 1:
What are the benefits and challenges of using an HRIS in a large organization? How do
these benefits and challenges change when using an HRIS in a small organization?
DQ 2:
What is the goal of implementing HR technology, such as HR portals or HR software? How
can these goals and objectives be accomplished?  What are some challenges when
implementing HR technology?
Week 2:
Learning Team Design an HRIS for Riordan Manufacturing
Resource: Riordan Manufacturing website
Access the Riordan Manufacturing website from the link located in the Materials
section of the student website. Scroll to Course Web Links, find the “Virtual
Organizations” tab, then “Go To Businesse’s” and there you will find Rirodan
Review the information provided on the website.
Write a 1,400  to 1,750-word report to analyze the tactical and strategic functions of
Riordan Manufacturing, a plastics manufacturer, and to design an HRIS for the company.
Currently, the company is using an HRIS that was installed in 1992 and only provides
limited functions. The company has decided to build a new HRIS to improve the HRM
performance. They have contracted your team, an external HRIS consultant team, to
design the system. Your report should include the...


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