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Psy 425 Entire Course Discussion Questions

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PSY 425 Entire Course Discussion Questions

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Week Four Discussion Questions
Week 1 DQ 1
How does drug abuse affect the work place?
            Substance abuse affects the workplace in a variety of ways. Whether it be illegal narcotics, prescription drugs, or alcohol the affects are all similar. These types of substances can impair an individual’s judgment and can cause serious safety issues among other things. These are some of the problems inherent from substance abuse in the workplace:
  1. More absenteeism and tardiness can be expected along with job-related accidents.
  2. Businesses lose money each year because of substance abuse.
  3. Employees who use drugs in the workplace are less productive than non-users.
  4. Thefts rise along with damaged equipment and other unnecessary costs.
  5. Non-users may have to work harder to make up for the problem employees (Dfaf, 2008).
Larger corporations have a better handle on drug issues as they have established drug policies in effect and many of these corporations implement random drug tests. Smaller businesses are affected the most as they do not have established drug policies, usually do not require drug testing, and do not have the financial reserves to cover company related accidents. I have personally seen a few individuals lose their jobs because of drug abuse. One recently was an employee in his mid 20’s. Someone called and said his truck was driving erratically on the road. To make a long story short he failed the drug test. Substance abuse in the workplace not only  affects the business and fellow employees but it also affects the family life. This individual had a wife and new infant.
Dfaf. (2008). How Does Substance Abuse Affect the Workplace. Retrieved from http://www.dfaf.org/content/how-does-substance-abuse-affect-workplace
Week 1 DQ 2
Why do you think people are reluctant to confront illegal...


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