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The bill of rights finally came into existence in 1971 but was originally proposed to by the James Madison administration. It purpose is to protect individual rights to life, property, liberty and all other basic rights and it is the term associated with the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution. This bill restricts the government in some aspect especially regarding the law but guarantees some freedom to the citizens of the United States.
There is no element of bill of rights which does not affect our individual lives one way or the other; they are all meaningful and well created to protect American rights. My favorite article of the bill is Article V which is known as the right to trial by a jury. This deals mainly with the rights of a person being accused of a crime which ensures that the accused as a right to a fair trial whether he/she is guilty or not. It ensures that an accused person cannot be tried twice for the same crime neither can a confession against him or herself be enforced; the government or the court cannot seize a citizens’ property without paying a fair amount for it. This aspect of the bill is the best because it limits the ability of the government in harassing its citizens and the jury who are involved in trying these cases are ordinary everyday individuals just like the accused and thus impartiality is not likely to occur due to differing nature of different people of the jury working towards a common goal of deciding the case of an individual just like them.
The experience I had occurred while I was driving to work like usual at 3Am on the beltway when a constable stopped me for speeding. The constable was parked at a spot which I’m aware of because it is my usual route 5 to 6 days a week; therefore there was no way for me to take a change. I actually saw the constable before passing him and when I saw his light behind my car I was kind of surprised but I made my way and stopped. When he approached my car, he was so...


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