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My Happy Place

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When ever I try to go to my happy place I think about a very dark place in my favorite
parallel universe. Where every one has any super power that they can think of. Every one looks
like any thing they want like cars animals living and non living creatures it does not matter if it is
real or not if you can think of what it looks like than u can change into it. Whenever I go there I
think of my self as the fastest sea creature. The Sail fish they can swim at speeds of 120 mph
due to the aerodynamic shape and texture of there body. I will swim at speeds faster than a f1
fighter jet until i reach an island called ogygia. When I go there i usually talk to a bunch of
demons, Graulas he is the worst demon that had ever walked the earth he will terrorize you
while you sleep and tear apart your soul while he enjoys your last dying screams of agony Another
person i usually talk to is Icarius he was made to push a giant boulder up the steepest hill where
the slope is made of burning red hot railroad ties. But upon reaching half way he loses his
footing and falls to the bottom. I go there to get potions and new spell books that he drops when
ever he falls. All u hear\ are the screams of the tortured souls of the demons while they are
waiting to be reborn and wreak havoc an the rest of the world. Mattie, he has to stand in a pool
that is filled up to his hips and an apple hangs right in front of his face but every time he tries to
bite the juicy luscious bright red apple it quickly darts away from him just out of reach and every
time he tries to bend over to drink from the pool the water level drops just out of his reach and
his hands are chained to a wall and it smells of putrid rotting flesh like a dead body that sat in
death valley for a couple of months.


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