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The Interview with a Person

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Thanks to my host———Mike Keenan’s help, I meet Bruce Smith, who has some influence in West Coast of New Zealand. I feel so appreciated that I even have a chance to interview him.
Since I came to New Zealand, I always hope to interview more people, to listen to their story.
Below is the record of my interview.

I: Nice to meet you. May i have your name first?
Bruce: nice to meet you. My name is Bruce Smith, B-r-u-c-e S-m-i-t-h. My grandfather and my father are all coasters. I live in West Coast since my childhood. I’m the 4th generation of coasters.
I: What do you do?
B: After leaving from school, I started doing my own business of an electrical shop, rather than working for others. I’ve worked in helicopter industry for several years. Then in 1970s, I worked in gold mine companies. In 1980s, I’ve also worked for regional council and worked as a   director of Westland Bank. In 1990s, I’ve chaired the board of the airport. And then, I started the Coasters’ Club.
I: What does the Coasters’ Club do?
B: It is to create a platform where people with a past or current connection to the Coast can celebrate the success of Coasters and their communities. For me, you are also a coaster(hahaha), because you have a connection to the West Coast now. It will bring back to life those Coasters and businesses of the past that shaped our region, while inviting all those coasters to have a look at the present Coast and guiding them to point out their suggestion for the Coast’s future.
I: Why do you have this idea?
B: Several years ago, a girl from Scotland had this idea, whose grandma is from Hokitika, and then she found me, as her grandma said that I could help to realize it. In Scotland, some people started an activity called “ Home Coming 2014”, which meant to call the people who have left Scotland to come back home. Then the Scotland government took over this program, and now each year it funds lots of money for the area’s development. So I started the Coaster’s Club,...


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