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Bmgt364 Week 8 Final Project: Applying the P-O-L-C

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BMGT364 Week 8 Final Project: Applying the P-O-L-C  
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Students will read the case study that focuses on the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling (P-O-L-C). You have been hired as a consultant to help Mike Davis and his family to solve the problems with his business. You will create a consultancy plan that covers the four functions of management. In creating the management plan, you must also demonstrate how the four functions of management are interrelated showing how issues in one function impact other functions.
In speaking with Mike, Ethan and Daisy, you already know the following about the business owners:
1. failed to develop or share a mission statement;
2. failed to determine the best way to organize resources, including personnel;
3. underestimates the importance of recruitment, job design and descriptions, and training;
4. assumed that motivation will occur naturally;
5. fails to define standards and other measurable outcomes;
6. ignored negative information;
7. delayed actions to improve organizational outcomes.
Note: A report is not written like a paper. Please use the Outline for the Consultancy Report
Required Elements of the Consultancy Report:
Students will create a consultancy plan that helps Mike, Ethan and Daisy run the business, both day-to-day and over the long term (strategically). Be succinct in your writing but persuasive so that the recommendations will have positive outcomes for the business.
Students are not using buzz-word and are not defining terms using a dictionary. Students are expected to present the material in a professional manner describing and explaining to the owners. As a consultant, you should be secure in your presentation to Mike, Ethan and Daisy.. Avoid telling the owners that they should do this or must do that but write in an action-oriented manner. Students are expected to make...


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