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Ged 155 English Exam Unit 3

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GED 155 English exam unit 3
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1. Though no vote ________ taken, each delegate and alternate ________ there.
a. was/was
b. was/were
c. were/was
d. were/were

2. Neither of the choices ________ attractive to the group of workers that ________ on strike.

a. are/is
b. is/are
c. is/is
d. are/are

3. Either Chris or the new employee ________ the mail before Dolores or Charles ________.

a. sort/arrives
b. sort/arrive
c. sorts/arrives
d. sorts/arrive

4. There ________ some men waiting for help, but the reason for their difficulties ________ unclear.

a. is/seems
b. is/seem
c. are/seems
d. are/seem

5. Identify the incorrect sentence.

a. Half of the people in the crowd are growing impatient.
b. Half of the students are absent.
c. Half of the milk were drunk by the children.
d. Half of the class is absent today.

6. Identify the incorrect sentence.

a. There is a good variety of mugs in the cabinet.
b. There are a good variety of mugs in the cabinet.
c. A number of glasses have been broken.
d. The number of broken glasses has increased.

7. Identify the incorrect sentence.

a. Each knife and fork have been cleaned and put away.
b. Each knife and fork has been cleaned and put away.
c. Some of the girl’s teeth are chipped.
d. None of the material is missing.

8. ________ Destiny or Caroline sent an RSVP to the invitation? We ________ everyone ________ it to Jake’s party.

a. Has/hope/make
b. Have/hopes/make
c. Have/hope/makes
d. Has/hopes/make
e. Has/hope/makes

9. These ________ of strategies work ________.

a. kind/well
b. kinds/good
c. kinds/well
d. kind/good

10. Does the hospital have ________ open position for ________ X-ray technician?

a. an/ an
b. an/a
c. a/an
d. a/a

11. He is ________ CPA and his sister is ________ MD.

a. a/a
b. an/a
c. an/an
d. a/an

12. Identify the correct...


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