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Busi 310 Test 1 Exam 1 Complete Solutions Correct Answers

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BUSI 310 test 1 exam 1 complete solutions correct answers
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•   Question 1
A Transactional   leader  

•   Question 2
2 out of 2 points

Henry Mintzberg determined that there were ten managerial roles could be categorized as interpersonal, informational, or decisional.  

•   Question 3
2 out of 2 points

In the informational category, managers perform the roles  

•   Question 4
2 out of 2 points

Due in large part to globalization and the growth of social media, the organizational environments in which management must operate is not much different than it has been in previous years.  

•   Question 5
2 out of 2 points

_________feel strongly, one way or the other, about their organization and leaders, and act accordingly.  

•   Question 6
2 out of 2 points

An example of external factors effecting an organization include  


•   Question 7
2 out of 2 points

According to Jack Welch, a successful manager will be able to   _____               , handle inside politics and adversity, make tough decisions courageously, and be a team player with a staff that regularly changes.  


•   Question 8
2 out of 2 points

Operational managers  

•   Question 9
2 out of 2 points

A manager taking corrective actions when the organization experiences   unexpected disturbances is performing within the ______         of managerial roles.  

•   Question 10
2 out of 2 points

A   _____       manager is responsible for oversight of the resources within one specialized department in the organization.  


•   Question 11
0 out of 2 points

Which of the following is...


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