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ACT 325 Module 7 Critical Thinking: Directing Change Based on Accounting Information

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Complete the following exercise. Provide your answers in an MSWord document or as an Excel spreadsheet with each exercise or problem clearly labeled. Use CSU-Global APA formatting and citations if needed.
Trimble Company sells an electronic toy for $40. The variable cost is $24 per unit and the fixed cost is $32,000 per year. Management is considering the following changes:
Alternative #1
Lease a new packaging machine for $4,000 per year, which will reduce variable cost by $1 per unit.
Alternative #2
Increase selling price 10 percent to counteract an expected 25 percent increase in fixed cost.
Alternative #3
Reduce fixed cost by 25 percent by moving to a lower rent location. This would have the effect of increasing variable costs by 10 percent.
Answer each of the following questions independently, showing your calculations. Also, provide a few sentences explaining your answers: Round calculations to the nearest unit
1. Determine the current break-even point in units and dollars.
2. Determine the expected profit assuming alternative #1 and sales of 3,200 units.
3. Determine the break-even point in units and dollars assuming alternative #2.
4. Determine the break-even point required in units and dollars assuming alternative #3.
5. Determine the volume of sales required to earn $23,600 assuming alternative #3.


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