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Crj220 Week 2 Exam 1

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CRJ220 Week 2 Exam 1

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Winter 2016
•   Question 1

The primary purpose of ethical inquiry is to:

•   Question 2

Which of the following would be of greatest concern from an ethical standpoint?

•   Question 3

Which of the following refers to a type or subfield of ethics which focuses on the application of ethical values, principles, obligations, etc., to particular issues and practical scenarios that emerge within the context of a given field or occupation?

•   Question 4

Which of the following allows law enforcement officers to enter homes without first notifying residents of their intent to enter?

•   Question 5

With regard to professional codes of ethics, the problem of enforcement suggests that:

•   Question 6

Which of the following refers to the study of questions concerning right and wrong and how we ought to live our lives?

•   Question 7

Sodomy laws:

•   Question 8

The “spheres of criminal justice” include all of the following except:

•   Question 9

Which of the following occurs when jurors return a verdict which is consistent with their own sense of justice and morality, but inconsistent with the law?

•   Question 10

The idea that, when rules or guidelines are in place to guide our behavior, we may be inclined to do only what is dictated by the rules and nothing more is referred to as:

•   Question 11

"Goods" that are valued as a means to some other good are referred to as:

•   Question 12

Life, justice, and happiness are typically considered to be:

•   Question 13

Which of the following is the term used to refer to the "choice of evils" defense, whereby a defendant argues that s/he engaged in criminal conduct to prevent some greater evil?

•   Question 14

Because it is an intrinsic value/good, which of...


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