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Fit Crime

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Making Punishment Fit The Crime Essay.

Actually in my opinion I think for killers we must be rough because there's no enough reason to kill someone but for theft its depend on Why, Who, and the state of the theft reasons, Does he poor? Does he want just to feed his children? Or just for chewing Qat.
Punishment for crimes has to be thought out and fair to everyone. Punishment for minor crimes shouldn't be the same for major and serious crimes. Murder shouldn't be given the same sentence as stealing a candy bar and vise versa. The three strikes law makes the punishment for stealing a candy bar in the same field for assault on a human being. The three strikes law today has to be re-written so that it can be presently suitable for each case and that the extremely harsh sentencing that comes with the penalty is given to criminals who truly deserve that type of punishment. The punishment should fit the crime and should be proper to the nature of the offense in which the more severe crimes get more severe punishment no matter how many times the offender has been convicted.
Is the amount of money that is spent each year on a convicted criminal worth the taxpayers' dollars?.
Let the punishment fit the crime. We've mouthed that credo for centuries, but do we really mean it? We who believe in justice would reward those who bring us pleasure, but punish severely those who sadistically or wantonly cause us pain. A basic retributive measure -- like for like or giving a person a taste of his own medicine -- satisfies our deepest instincts for justice.
When the condemned killer intentionally tortured helpless victims, how better to preserve some direct connection short of torture than by that murderer's quick but painful death? By ensuring death through anesthesia, however, we have nearly severed pain from punishment.
An unpleasant life in prison, a quick but painful death cannot erase the harm. But it can help restore a moral balance.
Crimes such as drug possession, petty theft,...


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