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Strayer Acc 564 Week 4 Discussions Questions

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Strayer ACC 564 Week 4 Discussions Questions
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Week 4 Discussion 1 Question A & B:
“The Cloud Effect”
ACC 564

Many firms are relying on cloud computing, also known as “the cloud,” to perform key business functions. By moving transactional processing to the cloud, firms are exposing themselves to additional attacks as well as to tighter scrutiny from regulators and stakeholders. From the e-Activity, assume that you are the CFO of Amazon.com. Create an argument indicating how your firm will be able to balance the needs of security with the desire of being a dominant player in the global market.

Week 4 Discussion 2 Question A & B:
“Securing Data”
ACC 564

In this global age of information, suggest which threats are posed to the principles of confidentiality and privacy, related to offshore outsourcing of various information systems functions. Provide support for your rationale.
            Some of the threats that are posed to the principles of confidentiality and privacy related to offshore outsourcing include Operational/Transactional risk, strategic risk, credit risk, and compliance risk. This is happening because the use of Offshore Outsourcing process has grown dramatically in the past few years because of the service flexibility offered by lots of IT companies and the view of lowering the project costs. (TatvaSoft, 2005)


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