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Art Nameplate

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Review of Amar Kalsi’s Nameplate.
Amar has chosen a subtle combination of images that relate to his chosen theme of, the Rainforest. The focal point of his composition I the tiger emerging form the undergrowth because high level of skill needed when cutting out the picture but also the position of it in relation to the parting of the trees. This gives a vibrant and bold effect to the work which is a unique contrast to the delicate and finely cut and situated pictures of monkeys and birds in the canopy above. To make the composition even better he has placed the monkeys with immense thought and contemplation to make it appear that they are ‘swinging from the trees’. Not only has Amar focused on the composition of his piece, he has also put in a great deal of concentration and dedication into the cutting of the animals. For me this was the stand out point of his work because the attention to achieving fine, smooth edges around the animals was monumental. To compliment is fine composition and high skill level of cutting, Amar has chosen a name colour that matches the naturalistic theme in his work. Although Amar has put a lot of effort, hard work and dedication into his Nameplate, to make it even better he could have added in a few more pictures to give a variety and make the composition even stronger. I also understand why he didn’t add anymore because the time and effort it took to cut out the tiger monkeys and birds must have felt interminable. To conclude I think that Amar Kalsi has achieved a high standard above everyone in the class with his nameplate and the contrasting vibrant bold Tiger and the delicate and muted monkeys, made his composition flawless.


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