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Denouncement of Jekyll and Hyde

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Denouement of “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”
There are many questions that are raised in the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. What is the connection between Jekyll and Hyde? Why did Jekyll leave everything to Hyde? Why did Hyde kill Carew? Was Jekyll murdered and replaced? Why did Lanyon die so suddenly? Why was Hyde dead and who killed him? Where is Jekyll?
The first is Mr. Utterson discovers that his friend, Dr. Jekyll, plans on leaving his entire estate to an evil man: Mr. Hyde. Mr. Utterson hears a story from his friend concerning the evil-doings of a Mr. Hyde. We find out that this name is familiar to Mr. Utterson—Mr. Utterson’s respectable friend Dr. Jekyll plans on leaving his entire estate to Mr. Hyde. This obviously sparks Mr. Utterson’s curiosity, and sets up the book’s central mystery: what’s the connection between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? In the final chapter all the mysterious connections are finally explained. We learn that Jekyll and Hyde are the same person and Hyde is the separated evil side of Jekyll. Then Sir Danvers Carew is killed by Mr. Hyde so Hyde then becomes a wanted man throughout London but conveniently disappears without a trace. We later learn that because Jekyll hadn’t become Hyde in such a long time, when meet by Carew he lost control over Hyde completely.
Jekyll’s servants and Poole especially, believe Jekyll has been murdered and someone is giving orders in his place, so Dr. Jekyll’s servants turn to Mr. Utterson, and Utterson and Poole break into Dr. Jekyll’s laboratory. This is a major climax because it’s like the police finally breaking down the door of a drug den, but really Dr. Jekyll’s laboratory really is a drug den. After they break down the door Hyde is dead on the floor, wearing Jekyll’s clothes, Dr. Jekyll is nowhere to be found, and there are documents for Mr. Utterson, including a new will. The suspense is only short as in the following two chapters all is revealed. Jekyll had written a letter...


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