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Diversity is defined by Dictionary.com as “the state or fact of being diverse; different; unlikeness.”   Most individuals define diversity by race and ethnicity. To me, diversity comprises more than differences in race and ethnicity. It includes cultural, religious, gender, educational, and age differences. Diversity also includes how people perceive themselves and how they perceive others. When looking past a person’s race and ethnicity, diversity means assessing the background of an individual based on their upbringing, educational and work experiences, and unique personality.
Diversity is a concept that many find difficult to define or accept. Society struggles with inclusion with anything and everything that is different from our individual views.   Corporate American spends millions of dollars to promote diversity in advertising and corporate agendas. Hollywood clearly portrays and pushes to the forefront diverse lifestyles that are contrary to traditional views.   Diversity has lead to anxiety and conflict between personal and professional relationships. Diversity is a term that can open dialogues or close it off completely.
Currently, the term diversity is being used in untraditional definitions. Society as a whole has redefined diversity to include affirmation action and perceived inequalities. This working definition is being seen with the workplace and college campuses where minority groups are pushing personal agendas. Diversity is becoming a politically correct term in which anything different qualifies as being diverse.
As individuals and neighbors within our communities, it is important to embrace diversity at some level. U.S. laws have required that people who are perceived different than the “norm” be not discriminated against.   We cannot discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation to name a few.   Often, we as citizens will philosophically embrace diversity when in actuality we do not. We must recognize that...


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