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Observation of Leadership Skills

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Keynen Jones
Tuesday-Thursday 10 am- 11:50 am

Observation of leadership skills

For my leadership evaluation, I observed MS. Wendy Fook’s Zumba class at the Arlington Heights community center on the North Side of Youngstown. MS. Fooks was by No means a professional Zumba Instructor, in fact; she told me she was doing it for fun, as most of her participants were her very close friends. Ms. Fooks is a 32 year old woman from Youngstown Ohio, she does not have any degrees in exercise science, nor any experience in leading an exercise class outside of the Zumba class she leads at Arlington. She is a very warm and welcoming lady who gave me the privilege of critiquing her work and I am very grateful.

LEADERSHIP STYLE: From a leadership standpoint, Ms. Fooks had a very indirect leadership style to her lesson. She had a very small class of about 15 people, and seemed to be learning and teaching at the same time. She had a television that was playing at the same time as she was teaching, and he used it as a prop to help her students understand the techniques she was trying to convey to them. The television had all the Zumba techniques on a loop, so most of the participants ended up paying more attention to the television instead of listening to her. Ms. Fooks had the television playing really loudly, it was very distracting and a poor decision by her as the external noises hurt the ability of the class to speak amongst themselves and ask MS. Fooks questions. But in the grand scheme of things, I think the Television helped her out as she was using an indirect teaching method. She would perform the movement and the Television would give the instructions. So I will give her a four out of five for leadership. She was prepared and provided a simple and effective method to perform the steps and have each member of the class reach their goals.

KNOWLEDGE AND CREDIBILITY: From my observations, Miss Fooks was very knowledgeable in preforming every Zumba...


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