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Moon and Stars

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Moon and Stars
by Katie Christensen
If I had one more day to spend with Adam*, I know that we would laugh. No, Adam isn’t dead,
nor is Adam debilitated in some fashion that we may not speak. At this point in our lives we
simply don’t. I loved Adam, not all at once, but I loved him and still do. Yes, he’s a special kind
of guy, which makes for a special kind of ex. Adam is my most recent ex, and I learned the most
from our fiery relationship; it has made me a better person, a person I’d like him to meet.
Adam and I met under the most unusual conditions. I was freshly 21 in a long-term relationship
making its way down the toilet. He was young, sheltered, and newly skinny. As a fat gamer kid,
Adam, a 22-year-old man-child, rarely abandoned his mother’s basement, and at 300 pounds
he hadn’t experienced much outside the safety and lavish attention from his mother. However,
his mother was on her last bout with cancer, and when we met he had developed a zest for life
and excitement for seeing the real world and trying new things. He had lost the weight, with his
mother’s coming doom, and had become quite the handsome young man. Adam had gotten his
first job and was looking for his first special someone. He adored me. I came from a far off place
called La Crosse, and I knew things, and I loved to adventure. He was from a small Iowa town. I
was just the right kind of fun he was looking for. Everything I did and showed him left a smirk of
admiration on his lips, and his eyes gazed at me with pure, joyous amusement. Oh, the way he
looked at me; I was defenseless to his addiction to my Gypsy ways (he loved calling me a Gypsy)
and thusly, we fell into each other.
Adam and I loved to laugh. He has the most beautiful, obnoxious, bellowing laugh. He may not
be the smartest kid on the block, but boy could that guy make everyone laugh. A sense of
humor is a quality I demand in my friends, and he has it. Even in our worst fights and stifling
situations, we...


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