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Nfm 26

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NFM 27

The strengths from the employees’ perspective would be that the twelve-hour shifts would allow them more time to spend with their families, thus increasing overall employee morale. Also, this schedule would allow the employees less commuting time from home and work. In turn, this would be saving them money on gas. Giving employees’ opportunities for automatic overtime twice a month after working more than 40 hours a week is a huge bonus and allows for extra earnings. Lastly, this new work schedule gives the employees options to plan for vacation time and how to spend it. The only weakness I can see for the employees’ side is that the 7 p.m. – 7 a.m. may cause them to be more tired and change their sleeping schedule.

The strengths from the firm’s perspective would be that they would be able to keep the plant up and operational all day every day, for seven days a week. Having to create a new work schedule every single week would also be eliminated and they also wouldn't be obligated to always have to pay over time to the workers. The firm would also see increased productivity due to the plant being open and workers constantly doing their jobs.
The weaknesses the firm may see is an increased concern for the safety of workers in the work environment. This safety concern would come with the long hours between 7 p.m. - 7 a.m. , where workers may become tired and not fully aware of their surroundings all the time. Also this lack of sleep may cause lower productivity in some circumstances when tiredness causes a loss of efficient and quality work in some employees.

I would recommend that the firm use the new schedule because it seems to be the best compromise and option to keep employees happy and the firm happy as well. Allowing an opportunity for overtime would increase the morale and the productivity of the worker which is good for both parties. Allowing workers to have their specific shifts would erase having to alter the previous schedules each week...


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