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Japanese LL Agenda - Friday 9-11-15
Hiragana: A-O & Ka-Ko
あ い う え お   &   か き く け こ
Particle Wa (は-Topic) Hiragana Ha
Verb: Desu (Is, Am, Are)

  I. OBJECTIVE: Students who thoroughly review the Live Lesson Preview: HW#1 – Speed Drills / Stamper, HW#2 – Listening Practice, HW#3 – Progressive Sentences, HW#4 – Speaking Practice, HW#5 – Creative Corner; and Actively Participate in the   Live Lesson, should be able to:
      A. Read, Write, & Speak words using the Hiragana letters above.                
      B. Read & Translate sentences from Japanese into English and English to Japanese using the particles and verbs shown above.

  II. Class rules:
      C. Be Nice, Polite, and Respectful to everyone all the time.  
      D. No sharing of personal contact information like E-mail, Skype, IM, Tumbler URL, Deviant Art, Phone Number, or Home Address.  
      E. Violators will be removed from the Live Lesson room and placed on Live Lesson probation.

  III. 12:50pm PST (3:50 EST): Please come to the LL 10 minutes early.  
      F. Share Favorite or Least Favorite J-Pop & K-pop Music Groups.
      G. Create “Rubber Stamp” for HW #1 – Stamper Game.
      H. Volunteer for microphone activities.

  IV. 1:00pm – 1:05pm:  
      I. Welcome class.   Are you ready?   Give me a Green-Check if you did More than half of the Homework, a Red-X for Less than half.
      J. Use a microphone and / or chat pod to share Favorites or Least Favorites.
      K. Microphone use example: I am John from Arizona and I like ….
  V. 1:05pm – 1:20pm (15 minutes): HW#1: ShinKanSen (Bullet-Train) Speed Drills.   Hiragana & Kanji: Elements, History, & Evolution.

  VI. 1:20pm – 1:25pm (5 minutes): Stamper Game: Review HW #1.

  VII. 1:25pm – 1: 30pm (5 min): HW#2: Listening Practice.   All students will write what they hear in Romaji with an English translation.

  VIII. 1: 30pm – 1:40pm (10 min):...


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