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Uop Law 531 Week 2 Quiz

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1.)    Which of the following is a key element of successful Enterprise Risk Management?
Legal counsel
Strong investment strategies
Nondisclosure agreements
Management commitment
2.)    According to the doctrine of ________, the plaintiff is not required to prove that the defendant breached a duty of care.
comparative negligence
assumption of risk
strict liability
contributive negligence
3.)    Mary was getting a ride home in John’s new car. On the way, a malfunctioning brake caused an accident and both Mary and John were injured. Which of the following statements is true of this situation?
Mary can file a negligence lawsuit against the dealership that sold John his car.
Mary can recover damages for her injury under a theory of strict liability against the manufacturer of John’s car.
Mary can file a strict liability lawsuit against John.
John can file a negligence lawsuit against the dealership from which he bought the car.
4.)    Select the option which best completes this statement: Enterprise Risk Management is most effective when it is a(n) _________ process.

5.)    Assuming that statutory requirements have been met, what is protected under merchant protection statutes?
Merchants are protected from the intentional torts of their customers. 
Merchants are protected from negligence claims on their business premises.
Merchants are protected from product disparagement claims of their competitors.
Merchants are protected from false imprisonment claims of persons detained on suspicion of shoplifting. 
6.)    Which of the following is the best statement of the test applied in determining if a defendant’s actions were the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injuries?
Was it foreseeable that the defendant was the cause of the plaintiff’s injuries given the nature of those injuries?
Was the injury foreseeable to the plaintiff prior to the injury’s occurrence?


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