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Hurry or Not

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In today’s climate it seems that people are universally striving to take an action right after they get the information of one thing. Businessmen hope to gain enormous wealth through immediate actions. Politicians hope to promote their social status through immediate actions. Scientists hope to achieve prominent accomplishments through immediate actions. But is taking action at once that important? I really doubt it.

There is no denying that quick actions have some benefits. Under some specific circumstances, by taking action immediately, a person can gain glorious success. For example, when Bill Gates found himself tired of college life, he immediately dropped out from Harvard University and then set up the Microsoft Software Company. Thanks to his quick action, we now have such a convenient operating system, Windows, and Bill Gates becomes the richest man in the world.

However, taking an immediate action is not always the best choice. In many cases, instead of deciding what to do at once, one can make a better decision if being patient to have a deeper understanding of the situation. Patience provides people an opportunity to observe the whole environment from a wider perspective. Just as an old Chinese saying, “Knowing the enemy and himself, one can win all the battles”, being patient to learn every detail plays an imperative role in one’s success. For instance, when a scientist has a new discovery, he must do an enormous number of researches to prove his finding before publishing it as his achievement. This is a representation of a scientist’s patience.

Besides, patience can sometimes help people prevent from catastrophes. Take the Japanese army in the Second World War as an example. There is a famous battle that the Japanese attacked on the Pearl Harbor in a rush and reckless way. After the Japanese army’s offense, the Americans became furious and threw two atomic bombs onto the Japanese island. As a result, millions of Japanese people lost their...


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